The season for driven hunts in Latvia starts from 01. October and finish on 31. January. Driven hunting in Latvia is also very popular among foreign hunters. We organise driven hunts for smaller groups 10-15 hunters and also for bigger groups up to 20 shooters.  Also by driven hunts we offer hunting package according price-list or fixed price.


The roe buck hunting in Latvia is very popular form of hunting chosen by foreign hunters. The hunting season for roe bucks begins 1. June and ends 30. November. The most exciting time for roe buck hunt is begin of rut (July, August). We organise roe buck hunting in Latvia for single hunters and for groups of 2 or more hunters. We offer hunting package according price-list and also offers with fixed price in some hunting districts. Please ask for price !


Hunting season in Latvia

  • Wild boar (sus scrofa) / whole year
  • Roebuck (capreolus capreolus) / 01.06.-30.11.
  • Roe doe and roe doe (capreolus capreolus) / 15.08.-30.11.
  • Moose (alces alces) / 01.09.-15.12.
  • Red deer stag (cervus elaphus) / 01.09.-31.01.
  • Red deer hind and calf (cervus elaphus) / 15.08.-31.12.
  • Beaver (castor fiber) / 15.07. – 15.04.
  • Lynx  (lynx lynx) / 1.12. – 31.03.
  • Wolf (canis lupus) / 15.07. – 31.03.
  • Fox (vulpes vulpes), Raccoon dog (nyctereutes procyonoides) / whole year